Syntax Guide

Pokémon TCG Guru has a variety ways of searching for data. To make more complex search queries, you have two options:

Option 1: Advanced Search Form

An easy way to search for cards is by using the Advanced Search Form. This allows you to find cards based on a variety of properties such as name, set, weaknesses and more.

Option 2: Advanced Query Syntax

Pokémon TCG Guru takes advantage of the query syntax made available by the Pokémon TCG API. This is a Lucene like syntax that allows for complex queries and supports operators like AND, OR, NOT, and more.

You can use these complex queries anywhere on Pokémon TCG Guru. For example, searching for subtypes:mega will find all cards that have Mega as a subtype. By default, the primary search box will result in a query of name:"your query*" unless it detects you are using a complex query.

View the API Documentation for more details and examples.